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Juno Lockdown Browser

Install LockDown Browser for iPad
v2.0+, requires iOS 7.0+, iPad only

Download Juno Lockdown for Windows

8/11/15, 5.3 MB, requires Windows with Internet Explorer 9.0+

Download Juno Lockdown for Mac OS 10.6+

11/3/14, 1.1 MB, requires OS X 10.6-10.10 with Safari 5.0+

Download Juno Lockdown for Mac OS 10.4-5

1.1 MB, requires OS X 10.4-10.5 with Safari 5.0+

The Lockdown Browser is an app for Mac, Windows, and iPad. It is not compatible with Chromebooks, Android, or iPhone. It is not a browser plug-in, but it works in conjunction with Safari or Internet Explorer 9+. Lockdown Browser is developed by Respondus, who licenses this technology for all the major Learning Management Systems. Lockdown Browser is not compatible with accessibility software like JAWS. (On Mac/Windows, the software is called Juno Lockdown; on iPad it is called LockDown Browser.)

It is recommended that your IT staff install this software of all student computers/iPads. See also InstallShield silent installation.

iPad Instructions

Apple does not let apps disable features and multi-tasking on iOS, so the Lockdown Browser relies on Apple's "Guided Access" feature. Guided Access is not intuitively designed for online testing, so it takes more steps than the Mac and Windows versions:

Installation and Setup:

1.  Install LockDown Browser (by Respondus)
2.  From your home screen, tap Settings > General > Accessibility. Scroll down to "Guided Access" and turn it ON.
3.  Tap "Passcode Settings" and set the passcode to something easy to remember, like 1111. Students must know this passcode to exit an exam. This is not the same passcode as their iPad lock screen. (Note: If students forget the passcode, they remain stuck on the exam, unable to use the iPad for anything else, so you must restore the iPad from backups.)

Note: Do not launch LockDown Browser directly. It would ask you to type the name of your institution, but that is for other LMS's, not Juno.

Start a Test:

1.  Login using Safari or the Jupiter or Juno icon, tap the test, and tap "Launch Lockdown". (Do not launch LockDown Browser directly.)
2.  You'll see a blue screen for LockDown Browser. Press the iPad's Home button three times quickly.
3.  If you don't see the test, tap "Start" in the upper right. (Do NOT change the default settings at the bottom!)

Ending a Test:

1.  In Juno tap "Done" and "Turn In Now".
2.  Press the iPad's Home button three times quickly.
3.  Enter passcode 1111 (or whatever your school set; this is not necessarily the same passcode as your iPad lock screen).
4.  Press the iPad's Home button or tap "End" in the upper left.


The button "Launch Lockdown" doesn't work

You must download and install Lockdown on each student computer/iPad, otherwise that button doesn't work.

"You must close the following program..."

Lockdown won't start a test if certain programs are still running in the background. If it gives an error message for a program that you want to keep running in the background, like remote access software, please send us a copy or screenshot of the exact error message so we can remove the restriction for that program.

It won't close!  (Mac/Windows)

If Lockdown is stuck open and you cannot access the computer:
1. Click the Info/About icon.
2. Click the "Proctor Options" button.
3. Type "exit" as the password and click the "OK" button. (Pressing the return key doesn't work on Mac.)

Forgot passcode to get out of Guided Access!  (iPad)

Try rebooting your iPad by holding the both the home and power buttons for 10 seconds. Then turn off Guided Access (Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access). You may need to reboot again if that does not work.

If that doesn't work, you will need to plug your iPad into a Mac and Restore it from backups. Contact Apple for further help.

Touch screen doesn't work  (iPad)

Triple-click the iPad's Home button and enter the passcode. Make sure "Touch" is turned on at the bottom of the screen. If the screen has any gray ovals or rectangles, tap the X to remove them. Then tap "Resume" in the upper right.

Keyboard doesn't work  (iPad)

Triple-click the iPad's Home button and enter the passcode. Tap "Hardware Buttons Options" at the bottom, and turn ON "Keyboards". Then tap "Resume" in the upper right.

It says "Time Expired", but it's not the test time limit  (iPad)

Triple-click the iPad's Home button and enter the passcode. Tap "Time Limit Options" at the bottom, and turn it OFF. Then tap "Resume" in the upper right.

Other Problems

Please contact us to report any other problems.