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Juno Lockdown Browser

Download Juno Lockdown for Windows
11/5/13, 5.1MB, requires Windows with Internet Explorer 9.0+

Download Juno Lockdown for Mac OS 10.6+

1.1MB, requires OS X 10.6+ with Safari 5.0+

Download Juno Lockdown for Mac OS 10.4-5

1.1MB, requires OS X 10.4-10.5 with Safari 5.0+

Juno Lockdown is a software application. It is not a browser plug-in, but it works in conjunction with Mac Safari or Windows Internet Explorer 9+ (not compatible with Chrome Frame or Chromebooks). Juno Lockdown is developed by Respondus, who licenses this technology for all the major Learning Management Systems. Juno Lockdown is not compatible with accessibility software like JAWS.

See also InstallShield silent installation


The button "Launch Juno Lockdown" doesn't work

You must download and install Juno Lockdown on each student computer, otherwise that button doesn't work.

"You must close the following program..."

Juno Lockdown won't start a test if certain programs are still running in the background. If it gives an error message for a program that you want to keep running in the background, like remote access software, please send us a copy or screenshot of the exact error message so we can remove the restriction for that program.

It won't close!

If Juno Lockdown is stuck open and you cannot access the computer:
1. Click the Info/About icon.
2. Click the "Proctor Options" button.
3. Type "exit" as the password and click the "OK" button. (Pressing the return key doesn't work on Mac.)

Other Problems

Please contact us to report any other problems.