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Vermont State Reporting

Jupiter Ed exports student data required for Vermont, including the Fall/Spring Census, Special Ed Student Count, and Student Course Schedule (SECT). It does not export data about teachers or the school profile.

Note: Please see your state documentation for questions about your state requirements.

School & District ID

On the screen, enter your District ID (like SU123) and School ID (like PS123) code for each school.


On the screen, no special setup is required. The default settings are fine, or you may customize them, as long as it still contains the six required races/ethnicities with recognizable keywords like Hispanic/Latino, Black/African, Asian, Pacific/Hawaiian, Native/Indian/Alaskan, and White. Any unrecognized race/ethnicity will not be reported.

Special Programs

By default, the screen includes checkboxes for IEP, ELL, Free Lunch, Reduced Lunch, etc. But these checkboxes are not used for VT, and they are redundant with the more specific settings on the screen. So to avoid confusion, delete those fields from the screen. You may keep any other special groups, like Athletes.


On the screen, set the option "Which terms should appear on transcripts". (Not applicable if your does not use cumulative grades.)

If you leave the Term Code boxes blank, Jupiter automatically determines the appropriate code to report, like FULL, SEM1, SEM2, TRI1, TRI2, TRI3, QTR1, QTR2, QTR3, QTR4. Alternatively, you can set these explicitly in the Term Code box.


On the screen, click each course to set the Level and Setting (on campus, off campus, etc.). If a students take a course elsewhere for Dual Enrollment, you must create a course for that in Jupiter and schedule the student in that course.

Check "R. Show on report cards" for courses that should be exported. Uncheck this for Teacher Aide, Student Aide, Study Hall, Free Period, etc.


On the screen, define your attendance codes according to your district policies. The state DOE does not have requirements for how you define excused and unexcused absences, or how you count partial day absences. (The Average Daily Attendance report is a generic feature, not specific to Vermont.)


Jupiter does not contain the discipline details required by Vermont, so use your CIRS software directly to report discipline incidents.

Tuitioned Students

Jupiter currently does not record or export data for tuitioned students. We are waiting for further specifications from the state DOE.

Student Data

On the screen, enter the student's state ID, gender, birthdate, race/ethnicity, and address, or you may Import all that from a data file.

See the screen for information specific to Vermont, like enrollment and programs.

Note: Some items on these screens are somewhat redundant:

The "Grade Level" menu on the Add/Edit screen does not contain all the options required for K, EEE, IT, and Adults. Instead use the "Grade Level" menu on the Vermont DOE screen.

The "Language" on the Add/Edit screen is not reported; it's used only for reports and the parent/student login. See the Vermont DOE screen to report the "Primary Language" for Special Ed students.

The "Graduated" date on the Add/Edit screen is not reported; it's used only for transcripts. See the Vermont DOE screen to report the exit date.

If the Add/Edit screen still has checkboxes for IEP, Free Lunch, etc., they are not the same as the Vermont DOE screen. Go to the screen to erase those.

Note: When you add a student to a new school year or summer school, it copies the student's information from the previous year. You must manually erase anything that no longer applies.


Go to the screen to export the Fall Census, Spring Census, or Special Ed Student Count. Pay attention to which year you have selected at the top of the webpage.

Select "This school only" to export one school, or select "Entire district".

If the file fails to download, see Export for troubleshooting.

Other Errors

Open the CVS file in Excel or any spreadsheet to verify it contains the correct data - but do not edit it! Spreadsheets alter the date format, leading zeros, and delimiters, making files invalid for state reporting.

If you need to edit the file, use a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit. Try copying just a few rows to a new file and upload that to see if you can isolate the error. Please contact us if you need further help.