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Massachusetts Reporting

Jupiter Ed exports the files required for Massachusetts SIMS, Student Course Schedule (SCS), Multiple Student Registration (MSR), and staff data (EPIMS).

Note: Please see the MA documentation for questions about your state requirements.

School Codes

On the screen, enter your 4-digit District number and 4-digit School number for each school.

If your district reports students who are attending other schools outside your district, we recommend you create a separate "school" for those students. Click the "New School" button on the screen to add a new school to your account. You may create a separate school for each school you report for, or use a single school for all outside students, whichever you prefer.


On the screen, no special setup is required. The default settings are fine, or you may customize them, as long as it still contains the six required races/ethnicities with recognizable keywords like Hispanic/Latino, Black/African, Asian, Pacific/Hawaiian, Native/Indian/Alaskan, and White. Any unrecognized race/ethnicity will not be reported.


On the screen, add all administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, and anyone you need to report. For office staff, give them at least the "A1" permission. For classroom support staff, give them the "T" permission if you want them to have full read-write access to the teacher's gradebook; otherwise give them only the "V" permission for read-only access. If you don't want support staff to have any login access at all, still give them the permissions described, but do not enter their email address; that way they cannot login.

On the screen, to assign multiple staff to the same class, edit the section and click "Add co-teacher", so the master teacher is first, and anyone else is listed after them, such as paraprofessionals and classroom support staff. This may or may not give them access to the teacher's gradebook, depending on the permissions you set on .

Note: Jupiter's TA login feature is designed for student TA's. For adult TA's to be included in EPIMS, add them as co-teachers, so they'll be like any other staff member using the Teacher/Admin login screen.

If a staff member leaves, do not remove them from Jupiter until you've reported their exit in EPIMS. First on the Setup > Staff > EPIMS screen, update their work status, then export your EPIMS report; then you may remove them from Jupiter or archive their account.

On the screen, click the EPIMS button to enter data for each staff member, such as job assignments, FTE, qualifications, etc.

Special Programs

By default, the screen includes checkboxes for IEP, ELL, Free Lunch, Reduced Lunch, etc. But these checkboxes are not used for SIMS, and they are redundant with the more specific settings on the screen. So to avoid confusion, delete those fields from the screen. You may keep any other special groups, like Athletes.

Marking Periods

On the screen, define your terms. When grades are exported, it automatically exports the appropriate codes for SEM1-2, TRI1-3, QTR1-4, QIN1-5, MINI1+, FULL, or SUMR, or you may click each term to explicitly enter these codes in the Term Code box. If you have an intersession, you should put that in a separate track (select "Some students have different grading periods"), click the term, and type INTR in the Term Code box.


On the screen, click each course to edit it and enter the State Code, Level, and Advanced Placement.

Check "R. Show on report cards" for courses that should be exported. Uncheck this for Teacher Aide, Student Aide, Study Hall, Free Period, etc.


On the screen, select Daily or Period attendance for each school, and define your attendance codes. Any code classified as Absent (unexcused) is reported to SIMS as Truant.

For Daily attendance, if a student is absent for half a day, that means they are present for half a day, so they are reported to SIMS as Present.

For Period attendance, SIMS counts a student present if they were present for at least half the day. So for example, if your school day has 6 hours of class time (360 minutes), set it as:

To count attendance for the day, students must be present
[ 180 ] minutes to count as full day
[blank] minutes to count as half day

Leave the second box blank, or set it to 1 or higher if you want half-days counted for report cards. Either way, half-days are not counted for SIMS.

If a student transfers within your district from one school to another during the school year, or if they concurrently attend two schools, Jupiter does correctly report the attendance for both schools combined. (In the unlikely event a student attends two schools on the same dates where both schools use Daily attendance, it reports one school arbitrarily and ignores the other. If the student attends one school with Daily attendance and one with Period attendance on the same dates, it reports the Daily attendance only for those dates.)


On the screen, edit the Consequences to include:

Suspended In-School __ days
Suspended Out-of-School __ days

You may alter the wording as long as it includes the keywords Suspended/Suspension and In/Out.

When SIMS is exported, it automatically counts the number of referrals where in-school suspension or out-of-school suspension is checked. (Note: If a single incident includes both in-school and out-of-school suspension, it's reported as one out-of-school suspension.)

Student Data

On the screen, enter the student's SASID, gender, birthdate, race/ethnicity, and address, or you may Import all that from a data file.

See the screen for information specific to Massachusetts, like enrollment and programs.

For Kindergarten students, select Kindergarten on the Add/Edit screen, then select the part-time/full-time/tuition options on the SIMS screen.

For Special Ed students beyond grade 12, set their grade level blank on the Add/Edit screen.

Note: Some items on these screens are somewhat redundant:

The "Language" on the Add/Edit screen is not reported; it's used only for reports and the parent/student login. See the SIMS screen to report the "Primary language".

The "Graduated" date on the Add/Edit screen is not reported; it's used only for transcripts. See the SIMS screen to report the exit date.

If the Add/Edit screen still has checkboxes for IEP, Free Lunch, etc., they are not the same as the SIMS screen. Go to the screen to erase those.

The "Goal" menu on the Guidance > Plan screen is not reported. Use the "Postgrad Plans" menu on the Add/Edit screen.

Note: When you add a student to a new school year or summer school, it copies the student's information from the previous year. You must manually erase anything that no longer applies.


Go to the screen to export SIMS, SCS, or MSR. Pay attention to which year you have selected at the top of the webpage.

Select "This school only" to export one school, or select "Entire district".

If the file fails to download, see Export for troubleshooting.

Other Errors

Open the CVS file in Excel or any spreadsheet to verify it contains the correct data - but do not edit it! Spreadsheets alter the date format, leading zeros, and delimiters, making files invalid for state reporting.

If you need to edit the file, use a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit. Try copying just a few rows to a new file and upload that to see if you can isolate the error. Please contact us if you need further help.