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Import Student Photos

Admins can import student photos on the screen. Photos appear on student records and seating charts. (Staff photos are not supported.)

Photo Format & Size

Only JPEG is allowed (.jpg or .jpeg). Any dimensions are accepted. 300 to 400 pixels wide gives the best quality, but anything larger just takes longer to upload without improving quality.

Photos are automatically resized and cropped to 150×150 pixels square. If "Zoom in for close-up" is checked, it crops extra off the edges so the face is enlarged. If unchecked, it does only the minimal cropping required to make a square. It is recommended to check this for professional portraits, and uncheck it for non-professional snapshots. (If your photos are already cropped to 150×150 pixels, they will be imported as-is without cropping or resampling.)

Upload Multiple Photos

To upload photos for the whole school or more than one student, you must upload them as a ZIP archive. Typically you would ZIP the entire photo folder from the CD-ROM supplied by your photographer.

Each file must use the student ID as the filename, e.g. 12345.jpg. Anything else will be ignored.

Your ZIP archive may contain other files and multiple directories; the import will automatically locate all JPEG's and ignore anything else.

The maximum upload is 36MB, so if your ZIP file is larger than that, you must ZIP smaller groups of students and upload them separately.

ZIP Instructions:
Windows: Right-click the selected folder(s) and select "Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder".
Mac: Select the folder(s) then select "Compress..." from the File menu.

Upload Single Photo

To upload a single photo for one student, first select the student on the screen, then click the photo area.

Any filename is okay. (It doesn't need to be the student ID for a single photo.)

Re-Importing Photos

Re-importing photos for the same students replaces the old photos. Typically you'll re-import photos every year.

Deleting Photos

If you accidentally import the wrong photos, select the option "Delete photos last uploaded...". Or you can delete one photo for the selected student, or all photos for all students.

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